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Hi, I’m Sarah Monaghan, owner of Soulward Bound – a safe place to take a moment and remember who you are as you journey through space and time.

When you work with me, you can expect some light bulb aha moments as you see pieces of your puzzle fit together in unexpected yet perfect ways. You will feel a greater connection to yourself and the Divine and you will gain clarity about who you are and how to create more peace and flow in your life.

Working with me might be a good fit for you if:
•  you’re committed to your own growth
•  you are open to guidance from your Soul and the Divine
•  you have a sense of humour
•  you are sensitive to energy
•  personal growth and spiritual growth are synonymous for you
•  you aren’t sure how to get out of your own way
•  you’ve always been a seeker, questioning and curious about yourself and the world around you
•  you are open-minded
•  you want to do meaningful work and be of service in the world
•  you know it’s time to own your stuff, no matter how uncomfortable that may be
•  you are ready to take a hard look at the stories you’ve been telling yourself

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