My Clients

Sarah is a uniquely accomplished intuitive, bringing an all-encompassing feeling of love, trust and protection into her reading… a sanctuary of divine light. With her Oracle cards, Sarah has guided me through some deeply transformational work. Her warmth, assurance and wondrous abilities have brought me much-needed catharsis and clarity. Her amazing ability to articulate meaning and her loving guidance has been the foundation to facilitating deep healing. I am beyond blessed to have crossed paths with Sarah and I very much look forward to continuing this work with her.

Laurie Harnett-Dawkins, St. John's NL
D.Ac, R.Ac, N.D.

Sarah has a unique gift in this world of ubiquitous noise. She listens deeply, quietly and intently. I can count on Sarah to hold a peaceful space while she invites my spirit to speak, and then, she listens. The insightful wisdom she generously shares is offered with compassion, encouragement and no judgement. Best of all I somehow recognize my own truth woven throughout the information she shares. I feel more grounded and connected after a conversation with her. I’m always grateful for time spent with Sarah, a true guide for one’s soul journey. I highly recommend a conversation with her!

Kathy H., Nelson BC

I have met many healers, both psychic and psychological, but I have very rarely, if ever, met one who combines the two persuasions with such success. Sarah not only draws upon her skills as an NLP counsellor honed over many years but also upon her ability to connect with the spirit world, angels and souls to provide readings which are full of wisdom with a large dose of humour and kindness thrown in for good measure. She has helped me enormously to work through issues that have troubled me for years and given me new insight into my own work as a clairvoyant. Thank you Sarah.

Suzi Samuel, Sydney Australia
Clairvoyant and Author

The sessions with Sarah had a far reaching and lasting impact. If there are times when I start slipping all I need do is bring back to mind the feeling of a session and my energy has a chance to reset to a better level. I can quickly remember the safety of being accepted so completely that old concepts can be challenged and new ideas realistically explored. How healing it is to feel known and not judged; with such care and compassion Sarah delivers in an amazingly grounded, accurate manner. Thank you!!!

Flora A., Crete Greece

Sarah was my inspiration and guide to making career and lifestyle changes that I’d resisted for years. Her insights into what my soul truly desires most deeply, peace and balance, were crucial. That understanding helped me set priorities and goals, then come up with a plan to move toward them. It was a long journey and I’m not there yet, but it has been a great comfort to know I’m moving in the right direction. Sarah has been a steadfast support along the way, for which I will always be grateful. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Susan B., St. John's NL

This lady is all love and respect and gives you a safe place to open up and be vulnerable and get a better understanding on who you are. I am beyond thankful for all the help Sarah has given me, she helped me understand my mental health and the causes and helped me find the tools I needed to approach it all. If you want a new approach on working through anything, this lady helps give you the best approach for YOU. Everyone is unique and she is able to connect with you and help you in the way YOU need. So much love.

Alex Andrews, PEI

Sarah is a gifted Seer and an inspirational coach. I was unsure what to expect at the beginning of my session, but very quickly I was moved by the emotional intensity of what Sarah was telling me. Her words were accurate and full of wisdom. She guided me on a journey of self-discovery which resulted in many profound realizations. Make no mistake, Sarah’s work is directly connected to the divine, and her wisdom, is in part, intuitive and channeled. I honestly am still in awe of her, and know for certain that she is the real deal.

Diane Twineheart, Edmonton AB

It is hard to put into words the impact working with Sarah has been to my life. She has a very unique capacity to tap into and communicate with the core levels of a person’s psyche.  Her authentic nature and search for truth allows such deeply hidden aspects of self to bravely come to the surface to be healed and changed forever, in a safe and loving environment.  This is the experience I have when under Sarah’s loving guidance. Thank you!

C.A., St. John's NL

Sarah is a very special and talented practitioner. She did a reading for me and it literally changed the way I saw my life moving forward. It was a very intense and challenging experience. The reading was nothing short of transformative and opened my eyes to a lot of things I had been missing and taking for granted in my life. She is such a warm and understanding person and when you speak to her, you know you’re in a safe place free of judgment. I honestly believe everyone who is feeling stuck and in need of a push forward should use Sarah’s gifts to help guide them.

K. T., Kamsack SK

Sarah’s reading was life changing. It was everything the testimonials promised and more. I believe we all have answers buried within us, and need someone like Sarah to help us uncover them. With blunt advice, love, and compassion, she gave me the tools to navigate my life in a completely different way. Two years later, I am still using the answers she gave me to steer my life. Dream careers, everlasting love, and spiritual awakening – she knows how to access our truest potential. Would highly recommend to anyone who’s lost their way a bit on their journey, and needs some help finding their way back. She’s one of a kind.

Madeline S., Edmonton AB