While sitting on my favourite rock overlooking the ocean, I received a very strong nudge to create my own deck of Oracle cards to use in the readings I do with clients.

I wasn’t clear on anything about the cards other than I knew that there would be 30 of them in the deck. And so, the process of co-creation with the Divine began. I came up with the words and the corresponding photos, and then my genius husband took that and did all the required tech, photoshoppy stuff and got them printer ready. I am thrilled with the finished product.

They can be used by anyone, regardless of your level of experience or belief in what I call the wild world of woo woo. All you have to do is pick a card or a bunch of cards and see what you see, hear, or feel when you read the words and look at the pictures. There is no wrong way to use or interpret these cards, only your way.

My intention is that these cards provide you with insight, guidance, and the comforting reassurance that comes from knowing you are loved and supported and that you are not alone.

Oracle Card Decks cost $20 each plus shipping.
Each deck has 30 cards (3.75″ x 5.5″) and comes in a lovely silk bag.
(If you’d like more than 10 decks of Oracle Cards, please contact me directly.)