Intuitive Healing Sessions

the milky way

Are you ready to feel more at home in your body, more peaceful in your mind, and more connected to your spirit? Are you open to the idea of collaborating with your body during this amazing adventure called life? Your body is incredibly wise and it is doing everything it can to support you and keep you healthy and in balance. It is a messenger but many of us avoid spending time in our bodies so how can we hear the messages our body is sending us?

Intuitive Healing sessions are for people who want to be grounded and present. People who know that body, mind, and spirit are connected and who want to heal at a deeper level, releasing the old energies that have been locked in their bodies for years, possibly lifetimes.

During these hands-on healing sessions, I integrate energy healing modalities, my own personal experiences, and wisdom gleaned from a 23-year massage therapy career to create a safe space within which you are invited to connect more deeply with your body and spirit and become a conscious participant in your healing journey.

Come find out what your body has been trying to tell you and what a difference it makes when mind, body, and spirit are in harmony.

Sessions are one-hour in length and cost $150, and are available only in person at my office in Victoria BC.